A Bossy Perspective – an anecdotal short story


My name is Amelia, but everyone calls me Mia. I am 10 years old. This is the story of how I became a billionaire. This is also going to be my write-up for  the English creative writing assignment that my teacher, Ms. Williams, gave our class.


That wonderful morning, my twin Leanne (or Lea) and I were digging up earthworms for bait so we could go fishing in the afternoon. Both of us love the outdoors. My mom tells us that we are hyperactive, but I disagree.

Suddenly, my spade knocked against something hard. Lea and I cleared the dirt and looked down at…. a smooth roof of solid gold! We stared at each other, overwhelmed. I was ready to tell the world about our discovery and become famous when Lea suddenly said in a trembling voice, “Mia, if we tell people about the gold, they’ll make us move out so they can dig it up.”

“That’s true…” I said thoughtfully. “We definitely don’t want to move out. I love our house! So, let’s keep this a secret.” (Over here, Ms. Williams, I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. I just wanted to have a secret.)

img_20161105_143546295Whenever our dad mowed the lawn, we kept him away from that patch. Lea told him that we would do it ourselves.

My mom wanted to plant some hyacinths right on that spot. We had such a hard time convincing her not to.

However, a few days later when we were at school, my mom dug up that place. She was astonished to see the gold.

Lea told her about it while I patted some earth over it. I didn’t want anyone else seeing my gold. (I’m going to call it my gold, Ms. Williams, because my spade hit it first. And also Leanne doesn’t take the responsibility that comes with it. Mom told me not to be bossy but I’m just being realistic!)

My parents called the police, and they brought a huge round ball with them. It was called “racking ball”. (Lea says that its “wrecking ball” but I’m smarter than her, Ms. Williams, so I know I’m right.)

Anyway, it tore down our whole house, and we went to live in a hotel. I asked mom how long we would stay in that house and she said “temporarily”. But I’m pretty sure “temporarily” is adult language for “never”. I know that because whenever I ask her for something she says “maybe” which actually means “no way”. (Ms. Williams, when I talk about adults I am definitely not referring to you.)

The hotel was so huge! But our room wasn’t as big as the hotel. Lea and I were so disappointed.

Every day, we went to where our house was to see what was going on. Two months later, the whole thing was done. They uncovered a solid gold house with gold furniture intact!

Lea and I were so excited about it. “We both are going to be so rich!” Lea exclaimed. I drew myself up and told her sternly, “ Leanne Henley, if you are going to be so greedy, I will take away some of your money. So you will get ¼ and I will get ¾. (In this part, Ms. Williams, I was trying to be a better human being so I deserve a chocolate.) “No, Mia, please don’t do that!” Lea begged. “All right then. But is my duty as a twin to see that you aren’t greedy.” I warned her. “If I see even a speck of greed, I will take all the money away.”

We both went and asked our parents how much the whole thing was worth. My dad said that it was around US$40 billion! We danced around and shouted, “We’re gonna be rich! We’re gonna be rich!”

“Hang in there,” laughed my dad. “You seriously don’t think you’re going to get the money do you?” We stopped in shock and looked at each other. “We discovered it, dad! We need the money!” I whined. “Yeah!” echoed Lea.

“Well, keep needing,” said my dad. “You guys are kids. I can’t give you the money!” “But Lea and I need so many things!” I said. “Well, tell me what,” my dad replied.

We both thought and thought, when finally Lea said, ”We want to send the money to the Red Cross, father.” I burned inside. Of course we didn’t! I wanted to use the money myself! Well, since father and mother were looking at Lea appreciatively, I had to agree. Gulping, I managed a “Yeah we do!” I resolved to confront Lea as soon as possible. (You must note, Ms. Williams, that I have added this mainly for some fun in reading. I assure you, I am unselfish at heart.)

“Those are my good, unselfish girls,” my mother said, smiling. “Think of the all the people you could help. And they need the money more than we do.” A warm feeling was enveloping me. I felt really good. “Well, maybe I’ll let it go just this once,” I grudgingly thought.

This how I almost became a billionaire. Instead of being a billionaire, I became a good girl (I was a good girl before also, Ms. Williams.) I am happy that my money has been used for something good. Many people in the world have been helped by me (don’t you think, Ms. Williams, that writing like this deserves at at least an honorable mention?)


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