The Fear of Congruence

“And to finish up the chapter “Congruence of Triangles”,” said my Math teacher, “I have a worksheet of 32 problems that you have to do for holiday homework.” The class groaned.

During the holidays, I slaved for three days and got the worksheet done at last. Just when I thought I was done, I suddenly found myself standing at end of a huge room with white walls and about fifty large triangles. The triangles were floating in the air and to move forward I had to prove that they were congruent to the one floating next to me. There was door at the other end of the room, which I knew I had to reach to get away. I started proving the congruency of the triangles – SSS rule, RHS rule, SAS rule – I used them all and more! I proved that around 20 of them were congruent to each other and it so difficult.

Then I thought, “All of them seem to be okay, let me just skip a few.” So I took a step forward and a red light beeped. “Not congruent! Not congruent!” echoed in a robotic voice. An alarm started blaring! The triangles fell, and I fell with it, going down and down and down into a deep tunnel. There seemed to be no floor and I just kept falling and falling ……..

I suddenly sat up. I was at home in my bed. No triangles. Phew. Seems like the worksheet affected my brain. What a freaky dream!

When I finally got to school and showed my teacher the worksheet, he said that I got all the problems right. “Seems like you understood the concept thoroughly,” he said. I think I understood it thoroughly too. Way too thoroughly!!!


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